Creating a life of abundance

When Darren Miller and Jane Mant met as fellow employees in a product design department in 1992, they had little idea of the future creative life they would build together. It took 10 years for them to realise that they were destined to marry and to craft a life of abundance and creativity together.

A dedication to creating, rather than purchasing the good life has driven them since their first joint project together, their wedding in 2002. A rustic affair in the paddock on the family property, much of the work of decorating, cooking, as well as choosing and making music was done by them with the help of family. It was a memorable, unique and personalised day, remembered by family and friends, not only because it was 42 degrees.

That day set the tone for the years to come. The major work of their lives, along with raising two sons, has been building their home in the Adelaide Hills. They have created a home that supports their creative pursuits as well as their desire to live simply and reduce their environmental impact. The house contains an office, a workshop and both an indoor and outdoor studio space. They have solar power, their own water and grow much of their own food. Their home is a welcoming place for friends, family, fellow artists, makers and students.

Taking risks and living outside of the mainstream have been underlying themes as well, and in 2015 a long held dream of six month around Australia trip was realised. Again, the trip was supported by their creative abilities. Darren spent months crafting bespoke equipment to make their camper trailer set up practical and comfortable. Jane contributed her ability to cook and provide nutritious meals in trying conditions, as well as her skills with the crochet needle. Together they created a home on wheels. As a family they travelled 22,000 kilometres, experiencing nature’s wonders and creating memories for their children that will last a lifetime.

They continue to strive towards a life of artistic fulfillment and creative abundance.

Darren and Jane are a multi-talented couple who deliver remarkable creative outcomes on many levels whether it is in the development of graphic designs, sharing creative skills or making their own art work.

Darren’s graphic design ideas are contemporary and sophisticated and reflect his understanding of the business and the desired branding. His close attention to detail and thoughtful consideration is carried through into his object making.

Jane’s intuitive art classes allow people to lose their inhibitions and the need for perfection when making a piece of work, creating a confidence to enjoy the various stages of emotional and physical processes of art making. Her own work reflects her intuitive teachings and portrays her connection to nature and love of discovery and being outdoors.

Kate Wake
former Director, Hahndorf Academy