Making, creating, building, crafting, inventing, designing, connecting, exploring, adventuring, experiencing, planning and travelling are a way of life for this creative couple.

Jane Mant and Darren Miller are the drivers of The Insync Collective, and their combined talents are presented as three separate businesses, Jane Mant Art, Make • Do Studio and Honeyeater Nature Art. Underpinning the three business is a common set of values and desires.

Through their thoughts, interactions and work, they want to help cultivate a social environment in which we’re encouraged to feel, not fear. To think, not blindly follow. Beautify not quantify. Originate not copy. Create, not simply consume.

Both Jane and Darren are highly accomplished in their chosen disciplines with over 40 years combined experience in the fields of design, marketing, making, teaching, and fine arts.

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The beauty of creation

Jane Mant is a life-long artist and nature lover, making art for those who are also inspired by the wonder of the natural world.

Through her art Jane connects with the soul of nature, painting landscapes for people who love creation and wish to bring that beauty into the built environment. Embracing the healing properties of both art and nature, her work celebrates the joy, solace and rejuvenation that are experienced when spending time outdoors.

She captures memories of special moments in natural places.



Design, Make & Fix.

Make•Do is a multi-disciplined creative studio and workshop offering services from graphic design through to hand-made bespoke furniture and up-cycled objects. Every job is viewed through a design lens, combined with real-world knowledge and experience enabling the execution of projects of various size and scope.

“This is the type of business I’ve been seeking most of my professional life,” says Darren. “A place where I can fully express my creative scope as both a designer and maker.”

“I’ve always moved between graphic design, product design and making, it feels perfectly natural to me,” he adds. “During the first phase of my career I was a product designer, but completed graphic design projects both at work and as a freelancer. Then co-owning a boutique ad agency, working full-time as an art director, designing and making objects was still a big part of my life. I designed and made workstations and other bespoke furniture for our various offices and have built our family home from the second fix stage.”

Darren is also a licensed handyman, so he can help you with most repair or maintenance jobs around the house, that you don’t have the time or expertise to perform.

It’s an eclectic mix of services and makes Make•Do Studio hard to define, but Darren’s happy to wear that as it means he can continue to explore the breadth of his creativity and making skills.


Touch nature’s heart through making art

Do you want to experience connection, playful creation and the healing power of nature? Honeyeater Nature Art is an art school that engages people of all ages in making art outdoors with nature as our inspiration. We aim to foster childlike creative freedom in people of all ages through workshops, art classes in natural settings and online content. Our teaching includes art techniques and skills, materials, processes, inspirations and creative freedom tips.

Making art outdoors can deepen our connection to nature and can bring us peace and serenity. Nature inspires awe and wonder and art making fuels our creativity, empowering us to live a richer life.

Honeyeater believes in the power of community and individuals to make our world more beautiful through making art, caring for nature, and using our playful creativity.



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